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Pottsville Marketplace




Pottsville, NSW


Community Consultation


Pottsville Marketplace is a proposed retail centre to be located on the outskirts of the Pottsville township, which is aimed at serving the needs of the growing community.

The proposed centre will be located at the corner of Pottsville Road and Kudgeree Avenue, Pottsville, New South Wales, approximately four kilometres to the south-west of the existing Pottsville village.

It will incorporate a full-line Coles supermarket with the convenience of a designated drive-through grocery collection service. The retail centre will also integrate an array of retailers and food operators providing regular daily needs and services.These might include a greengrocer, a butcher, medical and allied health services, hair and beauty, and a selection of retailers and service providers typically found in centres of this type. The marketplace is likely to include a modern service/fuel station and electric vehicle chargers.

Pottsville Marketplace will provide for the community

Consolidated Properties Group is designing Pottsville Marketplace to meet the needs of both the existing and growing Pottsville community as well as providing a modern grocery and retail offering to Cudgera Creek, Mooball, Burringbah, Crabbes Creek and Yelgun.

Many Pottsville residents currently leave the area to buy their weekly groceries that they are unable to purchase in Pottsville at competitive prices. The new full line supermarket will allow them to shop locally.

Pottsville Marketplace will not compete with the existing Pottsville village. The existing village will continue to provide the community with quick-stop shopping, multiple café and casual dining offerings and the ‘coastal fabric’ of the existing village will not be impacted due to the location of the proposed Pottsville Marketplace being totally separate.

Servicing a growing community

Pottsville’s current population of 8,500 residents means demand for a full line supermarket in Pottsville already exists, even before future growth is considered. The proposed development neighbours the Dunloe Park Urban Release Area (DPURA) which is expected to accommodate 80 new dwellings a year. Pottsville Marketplace will also service the designated industrial zone north of the site.

The new centre will provide an estimated 1,220 job opportunities for both existing and future residents.

Traffic and servicing

Pottsville Marketplace will provide ample parking, most of which will be shaded by sails. The centre design will provide for the safe access, egress and manoeuvring of heavy vehicles. All servicing will be contained on site and not on the public roadways. All parking and vehicle movements (normal and heavy vehicle) will be designed and constructed in accordance with Tweed Shire Council’s Traffic and Parking Code.

Conservation, landscaping and sustainability

The design of Pottsville Marketplace will contribute to strong environmental outcomes. The project will provide a wildlife corridor in line with Tweed Shire Council’s Koala Plan of Management.

An independent cultural and heritage report has not identified any cultural heritage on the site.  A culturally sensitive scar tree on adjacent land has been dedicated to Tweed Shire Council and will not be impacted.

Learn more at our Community Information Sessions

Consolidated Properties Group intends to lodge a development application for the required re-zoning of the proposed site, and other necessary approvals with Tweed Shire Council in the coming months. Your feedback is important to informing the final design and the approval process.

Information regarding the new project will be available at Community Information Sessions. We invite local residents to come along and speak to our project team members, ask questions and provide your feedback.

WHEN: Monday 17th July, 4:00pm, 5:00pm & 6:00pm.

WHERE: Pottsville Beach Sports Club, 61 Tweed Coast Rd, Pottsville NSW 2489

Please RSVP to book a place: georgie@threeplus.com.au or phone 07 3167 1200 or 04 9351 9840

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