Consolidated Properties Group heads ‘Back to the future’ with office move

We have gone back to the future with our relocation to our own flagship commercial development at 175 Eagle Street in Brisbane’s CBD. We were the original developer of this river front office tower more than 15 years ago.

The new larger premises comprises 270m2 of office space overlooking the Brisbane River and Story Bridge, Queen and Eagle Streets, and was designed by John Wardle Architects to incorporate modern work place trends.

Our Executive Chairman, Mr Don O’Rorke, said after 20 years of operating and growing the privately owned business from premises in Queen Street, it was time for a fresh start, and a move to a site which reflected the company’s current image and style, and allowed it to showcase some of Consolidated Properties outstanding design achievements.

“This move is the culmination of a process we commenced a number of years ago, to realign our corporate identity and business, to ensure we reflect the more modern and future-looking company we are today, however without losing the history and experience we have established over our 35 years in operation,” Mr O’Rorke said.

“I am particularly proud that the move is a true reflection of putting our money where our mouth is, in that we have drawn on partners we use for our own developments to deliver this space, and we are also showcasing design elements, products and features from our current commercial and residential projects.”

Other features of the new office space include a large modern boardroom with a galley kitchen from the Spire development, and moveable partitions to create a large entertaining area overlooking the Story Bridge and Brisbane River. A state-of-the-art, curved, high-definition video screen has also been incorporated in the gallery area.

Mr O’Rorke said the new office space is a perfect home base for the company, and will help to further facilitate the business’ day-to-day operation.

“The location is perfect in that we are in great proximity to our development partners, including bankers, lawyers and agents who we work face-to-face with every day to deliver our developments,” he said.