In the community: CPG donates to the Nepal Appeal

An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude struck Nepal on 25 April, followed by a number of aftershocks. The disaster claimed over 8,800 lives and reduced whole towns and villages to rubble.

Nepal Red Cross was providing first aid and evacuating people to safety since the first hours of the quake. Since then, an International Red Cross Red Crescent relief operation has provided:

  • 111,000 tarpaulins to shelter more than 555,000 people
  • Health care for 75,000 people – from first aid to medical treatment and psychological support
  • 35,000 cash grants to support 175,120 people
  • 27,820 relief kits to support 139,000 people
  • 3.7 million  litres of clean water

Donation: $500