In the community: CPG supports 24 hours of LeMons

This May, Lachlan Grantley our managing director of residential and Scott Macgregor our residential development manager will be participating in ’24 Hours of LeMons’ which takes place at the Queensland Raceway.

What is 24 Hours of LeMons? Well, it’s an Australian endurance race for cars under $999. It’s a breeding ground for inflated egos and God like status…in their own minds. It’s where Mercedes, Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai do battle for the glory of gloating rights of LeMons, all are winners if they make it to the end!

Their team is strategically called “Chariots of Backfire”! They have already chosen their prized vehicle which is a 1994 BMW 318i, it has approximately 370,000 k’s on the clock and put them back a whopping $300!  On Australia Day Fred Iezzi from Idearchitecture (Cornerstone Living’s architect) and Lachlan Grantley drove this not-so-reliable piece of machinery from Sydney to Brisbane in anticipation for this event.

Each team must have 5-6 drivers. “Chariots of Backfire” consists of 6 enthusiastic drivers and one dedicated pit crew member. The team members are:

  • Lachlan Grantley
  • Scott Macgregor
  • Fred Iezzi
  • Benjamin Reed
  • Tom Ashover
  • Archie Tait and;
  • Stewart Lucas

Consolidated Properties has sponsored “Chariots of Backfire” to fund their entry fees. The event itself is not a charity event but they do donate a percentage of money raised in different areas to Prostate Cancer. However, to take it one step further, “Chariots of Backfire” have created their very own every day hero charity page where every dollar raised by them will be donated directly to the Prostrate Cancer Foundation Australia. Please help us make a difference – our charity page can be found here